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40 Piece Callenge

Another year another challenge. Lets see how far our students go this year....

Most of my students have committed themselves into trying out this challenge this year. All of them are not only practicing their instruments more but practicing properly.

 Not only do their sight reading improve but because they start to notice a progress in their instrument playing, it encourages them to practice even more. All my students who have participated in this challenge come into lesson prepared and eager to learn more and tackle new pieces.

Because of their effort, I occasionally give them new pieces to learn on their own(just notes and rhythm) at home. Most of them come to their next lesson playing the new pieces beautifully.

I encourage both students and teachers to take up this challenge. A lot of teachers and students in Australia have already come together in taking up this challenge.

If you are interested for more details, please check out this link below..... 

40 Piece Challenge

Have fun playing..... =)